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408                              UFE  OF
seat in -which lie had spent Ms cMldliood, lie erected
a more splendid building, and made it a seat in which
an art-loving1 mind could appropriately end Ms
daya The inheritance "became a new creation. In
order suitably to retain an old turret "built in the time
of the great elector, lie made a clever plan., according
to "which the four corners have turrets. The whole
edifice retained an antique character. The interior of
the castle was "ornamented with the most select trea-
sures of sculpture and painting "by ancient and modern
masters, which had been principally collected during
the long1 residence In Rome. Hiunboldt wrote of Ms
seat to Gentz, in May, 1827 :—*"* I have here erected a
dwelling full of gypsum casts and marble statues
which would afford you great pleasure. You knew
the old house. USTow you would wander among "beau-
tiful statues^ of which, especially., those in my room do
not suffer by a superabundance of costume/""
He made Tegel a beautiful seat in otter respects
also. The gardens^ "wMct his father iiad planned,
were now formed into a beautiful park., which Hum-
boldt ornamented with monuments, and especially by
the monument which he raised to his wife, and
beneath, which, lie also was buried.
Thus this spot., stamped by Ms genius and hallowed
by the last few years of Ms life, lias "become, by the
new castle and park, by classical mementoes of
£very kind, and by a select and excellently arranged
arfefeie collection, one of the most interesting environs
of the PnissLaii capital* During HumboldtJs lifetime
already Tegel was hospitably open to all visitors, and
the inhabitants of Berlin did not fail to appreciate
such a favour.
In the commencement of the year 1823,, Humboldt
saw ids brother Alexander again. He had met the
king of Prussia at the congress of Verona, and accom-
panied Mm on Ms j0nmey through Italy. He now
returned to Berlin with Mm3 intending to remain some
months* and then to repair to Paris again.
During this visit our Hsmboldt recommenced Ms